Make Home Frontpage Become One Column

A preview of the default Joomla displays using frontpage with 2 (two) left and right columns. This column beautify Joomla web interface, sometimes the display 2 (two), this column makes Joomla web interface becomes less semen because it is not parallel left column and right column.

This tutorial will tell how to replace frontpage view 2 (two) columns into 1 (one) column or multiple columns.

frontpage 2 kolom

Login to the Joomla administrator and navigate to Menus> Main Menu…

manin menu


frontpage 1 kolom

On that page in the Parameters (Basic), replace the Columns into numbers that you want, here we will replace it become the number 1 to display a column on the frontpage.

Now you have to change the number of columns you want displayed on the main page of your Joomla website.

. Display standard Joomla frontpage using two columns. Sometimes the two columns was less proportionately. Sometimes the extension of the left, sometimes right that stands for, thank both of them the same gratitude. Because these two column display, joomla web we become less tidy.

frontpage 2nd column


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