Defense Build An SEO Blog

The term “defense” in the world of SEO may be less familiar to our ears, but what may make, said it had to be used to reflect how a blog can withstand the assault of its competitors. Whether it’s in competition keyword or keyword enduring daily, competitors will never be lonely. There are using natural ways, some are using instant way through copas manual, auto feed and the like. When we are confronted with in such a situation, certainly for some people will find it very difficult to compete. Indeed, not infrequently a good SERP which has gained in an instant lost of 100 large. Therefore, it is better we build a solid defense for the SEO blog on mismanagement. Now the question is, how to build a defense SEO a blog? There are countless ways to have a stronger defense SEO, however, gw pengen write below only the most important according to the version I heueuheu … Okay, silhkan scrutiny. 1. Build backlinks as possible to the homepage. It is strongly recommended that pingback backlink comes from repeated from another blog and not a backlink results from blog commenting or something. But if not possible, so what may have created. : Mrgreen: 2. Build backlinks to internal pages the way above. For wordpress users, the categories are very important for SEO backlinks in building defenses. Can then be forwarded to the single post or tag. 3. If the two ways above is still not tokcer, edit the content frequently so there is no duplicate content from other blogs. 4. That’s all: mrgreen: Believe it or not, basic SEO defense build a blog that’s all aja emang. If you want ditambahin, yes Monggo only, please. : D


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