Marketing Sense

A. Understanding Marketing

There are several definitions of marketing are:

a. Philip Kotler (Marketing) Marketing is human activity that is directed to meet the needs and wants through exchange processes.

b. According to Philip Kotler and Armstrong is marketing as a social and managerial process that makes individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value reciprocity with others.

c. Marketing is a total system of business activities designed to plan, determine pricing, promotion and distribution of goods which can satisfy the desire and achieve the target market and company goals.

d. According to Stanton W marketing is a whole system of activities that are intended for planning, pricing, promoting and distributing goods and services that can satisfy the needs of buyers and potential buyers.

B. Marketing Concept

Core concepts of marketing meluputi: needs, wants, demand, production, utility, value and satisfaction; exchanges, transactions and market relations, marketing and markets. We can distinguish between needs, wants and demands. Necessity is a condition he felt a certain lack of basic satisfaction. Desire is the will of the strong will satisfy specific to the needs of the more profound. While demand is the desire for specific products backed with the ability and willingness to buy.

C. Marketing Management

Marketing management comes from two words namely management and marketing. According to Kotler and Armstrong is a marketing analysis, planning, implementation, and control of programs designed to create, build and maintain beneficial exchanges with target buyers to achieve its goals. While the management is the process of planning (Planning), organization (organizing) the mobilization (Actuating) and supervision.

Thus can be interpreted that as a Marketing Management is the analysis, planning, implementation, and control program designed to create, build and maintain beneficial exchanges with target markets in order to achieve the goal – the goal of the organization.


From the description above we can conclude that marketing management is a planned activity, and diorganisasiknan which includes the distribution of goods, pricing and conducted oversight of the policies that have been made which aim to secure a place in the market so that the main purpose of marketing can be achieved.


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