Understanding Of Web Design

What is Web design?
Understanding the process of web design concepts, design plans, making models of web design, and execution blueprint in the form of design into the site. Later this site was made using a markup language like HTML. Markup language that translates web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Webtv) on the interface of the browser software TSB. Later the site displays the Internet content (or who we would call the World Wide Web … WWW).

Web designing purposes it can be multifarious motives of interest. But usually, the reason that web designing is to be able to build the site who contains thousands of pages stored on the web site server / servers and display interactive content to web users using a web browser. To achieve the goal of web design, a webdesigner web design using the following element

1. WEB
2. Images (GIF image format, JPEG, PNG),
3. HTML, XHTML, XML, and other web programming language       tag.
4. Grapik Vector
5. Flash Animation
6. Video Quciktime
7. Voice


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