8 technologist Latest in the Year 2010

World of technology is the world’s most rapidly changing, leading research firm Gartner predicts eight advanced mobile technology that will be present at this year until the year 2010 that will come.
“Mobile phones will be greatly influenced the evolution of existing technologies in that year. So it is important to be able to identify emerging technologies this year,” says a senior Gartner analyst Nick Jones, as quoted by Cellular News.

According Jonnes, eight advanced technology which is predicted to be ‘boom’ was believed to provide a broad effect on the cellular industry. To-eight of these technologies is,

1. Bluetooth 3.0, with the sensor feature a super low power consumption that can support wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and ultrawideband.

2. Mobile User Interfaces (UIs) that will affect the overall way the use of mobile devices and technology that support it.

3. Location Sensing that will make the device becomes more powerful and useful. Even in the future, sensor technology, the location will become an important component in the application context.

4. 802.11n which would make data speeds more than doubled, between 100 Mbps to 300 Mbps and will cover the area with better coverage.

5. Display Technology, affect pixels on the display is active, passive display (e-book reader) and the pico projector.

6. Mobile Web and Widgets (mini web mobile application), which allows communication antarperangkat mobile applications.

7. Cellular Broadband (HSPA) technology, which enables a wider service than wi-fi.


One thought on “8 technologist Latest in the Year 2010

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