Environment Friendly Washing Machines

UK SCIENTISTS create water-efficient washing machines, since almost no use of water and clean the dirty clothes in the dry state. Users just throw clothes into the machine, where there are small plastic beads specifically, the polymer material that serves as a cleaning dirt.

After the clean laundry, grain polymer was then just stay clean from the laundry. Grains of this polymer can be used hundreds of times and the impact on electrical energy saving materials and detergents. as quoted by the Telegraph, the developer of this washing machine, Xeros based in Catcliffe, near Rotherham said, they created the green technology reduces the amount of carbon footprint from washing activities using conventional washing machine. More importantly, this washing machine can save billions of liters of water.

“Our ambition, as long as technology provides these benefits, we think these findings into a new technological platform for a laundry,” said Bill Westwater.

Westwater, adding that now is the time to offer something ‘green’ for Earth system with water-efficient washing machine is. Xeros hopes its products will soon be used commercially by the end of the year, with hotels, laundries, and nursing homes became the main target of this product.


One thought on “Environment Friendly Washing Machines

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