How to Make Your Website More Professional Joomla

logo joomla

5 ways to make your site very aesthetically more professional than others:

>> Create a new favicon.ico. joomla logo is actually quite beautiful, but  people who membookmark your site they need to see the icons that characterize your joomla site than seeing the default joomla icon. if you do not want to scale designs 16×16, there are sites to create a favicon. then upload to / templates / <your_template_name> / favicon.ico

>> Make sure you always backup databasemu every day. recommended use JoomlaPack – AJAX powered backup and restore

>> Do not copy your writings certainly from Microsoft Word. It might seem easier, but will produce some bad html. Copy and paste to use a text editor such as Notepad or PSPad before entering text into your joomla site.

>> Make sure put a button on the search for an easy position very aesthetically by the reader. a recent search revealed 20 sites joomla forum that more than half have a search button that is hard to find. namely in locations less visible. try to place it near the place where the menu or just a simple look roughly the eyes of the visitors will be directly fixed to the sana.logo joomla

>> Readmore Manfaaatkan. Do not let the reader see the site joomlamu view the content length, make sure you take advantage of short content inviting, in general, articles should be no more than 4-5 lines followed by a link readmore …

5 Ways to improve your joomla site through the Global Configuration menu:

  1. Content>> Unpublish PDF and Print option on your joomla site. this can    create problems with duplicate content on google and it will surely hamper your SEO success.
  2. Servers>> Use the default server. and set them to 777 or 775, it will create large security holes for your joomla site.
  3. Metadata>> Do not create excessive metada here. write a maximum of six sentence description and keywords. It will be displayed on each page and you insert another page with keywordnya own.
  4. Cache>> turn on the Cache in Global Configuration. it will make access faster joomlamu site. Cache function will store copies of web pages as files, so users do not have to load the entire page and make a lot of database connection every time they visit your site.
  5. Statistics>> uncheck it, it will slow the performance of your joomla site. instead just use Google analytics or similar.

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