Trained Bees Recognize Human Faces

SCIENTISTS have discovered that bees can be trained to recognize human facial structure by way of provocation with sugar. Mode can be mengisnpirasi new face recognition system.

The ability of bees to recognize human faces was first discovered by Adrian Dyer of Monash University in Australia. A biologist named Martin Giurfa from the University of Toulouse, France interested in this research and want to know more deeply how bees recognize human faces so sususan Dyer joined.

Turned out to be not aware of, bees can recognize the faces of everyone. A bee was tested to recognize human faces with examples of simple face pattern of dots and lines form, and scientists saw that bees can discriminate the face


One thought on “Trained Bees Recognize Human Faces

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    Salam kenal yah, saya abis mampir ke Blog mas, dan blog mas sangat bagus dan bermanfaat.

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    Alamat Blog saya:

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