Tips when creating your first Joomla website

If we can create a website with joomla, now the most important thing is to make our website more professional look, not too cool .. yes those words, let me look initnya mantaf and reliable. Now that the keihatan joomla website better and more professional, maybe joomla tips on making this website a little help you in managing joomla web:

1. Create new pavicon pavicon.ico to replace the default joomla. When we finish a website created Pavicon or icon on the browser must wear standard black joomla. If we the official website of course its not funny if the icon is different from our web content. to replace pavicon silahakan stay visit the following address you provide your web icon with size 16 × 16 pixel format can be jpg, gif, png or other support pembutan icon. You can make pavicon here or here. lived replace the previous file with your new pavicon file.

2. Always backup the database files joomla, joomla membackuap database using PHPMyAdmin or you can install a database backup component.

3. If you do not want to fill the Joomla content copying and pasting directly from Word files, especially Word 2007 because it will make the contents of your content does not match with the settings. For example the type of font can be changed so did its size. We recommend you copying from Notepad.

4. Do not forget to put the search button on your joomla website. When we changed the module posisi2 sometimes we forget to put the search module. Place this module to be easily seen by visitors, this is important if you have a lot of web content.

5. Take advantage Readmore button. Usually we intentionally or not we do not place the readmore button, and just simply put the link on the title alone. This is important if you’re new to web visitors.

6. Do not activate this PDF publication will create duplicate content that is not liked by search engines and will inhibit the SEO.

7. Check the position of the file and directory permissions problem especially joomla. In joomla file structure there are several directories that had to be 777 and some are not. Directory is important to be in the back when we do not edit the file after you edit configurasi.php change to position 644.

8. In the case of meta data is not very long it is good enough 5 description and meta keyword five really tight contents with your Joomla Website.

9. Enable cache this will effect the speed ever loding on page access. Caches that hold copies of web pages so that users do not need to load all your pages every time they visit.

10. Joomla disable default statistics since this will make webkita file will fill up quickly. Instead can menggunkan third parties such as Google Analystics.

11. Unistall Component and modules that are not in use. Sometimes third-party component into the gap to get into our website.

OK maybe that first tips when creating your first Joomla website, as usual for the already practicing and could be a new experience is added here. Hopefully these tips to make joomla website for you a little more insight. Congratulations to create with Joomla.


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