Sales Information System

In 1980 there are still many among us in Indonesia who have not computer literate, so at that time we have been very proud if using an electronic typewriter. In 1987, we began to recognize her computer processor 286, where to turn is still using a DOS floppy disk. In addition, the operating system when it is still not open system, so the PC system can not communicate with other systems, namely Mac. To send files to someone a different city, we still need a postal or courier service. In 1990, Indonesian people proudly carrying an electronic organizer bermemori 2 MB to be called technological literacy.
Today computer technology is developing so rapidly. In the computer market has now reached the Pentium IV processor computer technology with speeds up to 2 Gz and 1.5 GB of memory. People can also easily communicate and exchange information, even though their computer operating system is different, because now the operating system is open system. To send files, as easy as clicking a program. The function of the post office to send letters began to decrease its role. Now where is replaced by an electronic organizer PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) or Pocket PC with the memory to 64 MB and PalmOS operating system or Windows Pockect PC 2002, which was launched October 2001. With the presence of PDA mobility of people are now no longer be an obstacle to communicating and accessing information on the Internet, and even activities like typing or making calculations with a spread sheet.
The same thing happened with the technology of communication (telephone). In 1977, still amounting to a mobile phone carry case. Now the size and capabilities of mobile phones has jumped far. The size of mobile phones are now very small and equipped with new technologies such as Blue Tooth and GPRS. Phone like this combined with the PDA, capable of bringing the owner into a virtual world easily, without needing to plug-plug cable. Telephone operators are also more and more, in 1975 we only know Telkom to call home and AMPS technologies for mobile phones. We now have more options such as Telkom, Ratelindo, C4, AMPS, GMS 900, CDMA, GMS 1800, and PSN (satellite phone). For international connections were available much cheaper alternative VOIP via the internet.
Above trend will inevitably impact on the development of the retail industry in the country. Retailers in Indonesia need to look at this trend, so that when the time comes to maximizing the opportunities that exist to take maximum benefit from the trend that occurred. Let’s see what the trend will accompany the development of this technology.
Currently the number of Internet users in Indonesia is only about 1% of the population or approximately two million people. Although even so in the future this number will continue to increase.
Looking at the experience in America, a survey from Boston Consulting Group (BCG), shows that in 2000, e-retailing grew at a rate of 120% and achieved sales worth 33 billion USD. In 2001, forecast to grow by 85% with sales reaching 61 billion USD (, Feb. 2001).
What products are sold through the internet that is suitable products penjualanya supported by impulse buying or not branded product characteristics are determined by evaluating the organoleptic (sensory evaluation of shape, texture, color, taste, and smell), will not be successful if sold via e- retailing. Products suitable to be marketed over the Internet is a rational product. This means that products


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