Examples of Entrepreneurial and Small Industries

Looking for work for some people is tricky. There is no effort to come work, but some are around looking for jobs yet to get it. Are you one of them? If you have savings then you should start thinking a little capital to entrepreneurs. As the name implies small entrepreneurial capital, of course, to get started just takes a little money. Instead of your money is not used for business expenses while there is always, then use it for business is the right choice. Before you determine the kind of business you want to run, then you should consider the following matters:

A. Get to know yourself, whether you’re the type who prefers a lot of work and less talk, or vice versa. If you type the first then to a small industry you fit in the production. If you’re the type who would rather get out and articulate then you fit in the marketing department. Do not let you choose a job as opposed to private as well as vision and mission.

2. Choose the business in accordance with the capital you have. But do not use all your money for the business, leaving in part to a backup or other purposes.

3. Get plenty of others who learn to successfully manage a small industry. Take a lesson from them about what factors that make their businesses succeed or fail. Nothing wrong with them while you are working on learning how to self-employed, only then you start your own business.

4. See market opportunities, whether you have the possibility of a small industrial prospect.

Once you have done the above steps, then your next step is to choose a business that you manage. Here are some examples of entrepreneurial ideas with small capital that may inspire you:

A. The first example is the sales of wet bread. All you need to start this business is the money to buy bread, a vehicle, to place the bread basket. First you do a survey of some of the bakeries in your area. You can choose one or more, for example, you choose the bread wet with a variety of flavors and donuts. Usually a bakery making bread the size and price different. If the market you are in the village then choose bread at prices affordable for rural communities such as Rp.500, 00 or Rp.1.000, 00. But if the market you are in town such as shops and boarding places, then choose the bread at a price of Rp. 1500.00. For bread for Rp.1.500, 00 then the plant is usually sold at a price of Rp.800, 00, and you can sell it for Rp.1.200, 00 per bread. So the advantages of each bread around Rp 500, 00 and if you can sell 100 bread alone, then you get a profit of about 50,000, 00. You can sell or cash entrusted with the system. Once every three days lo your bread, if there was still some you can use it as a fish feed.

2. Examples of other entrepreneurs is that you utilize the resources around you. For example, in your area a lot of oil so the price is cheap, then you can try to make a VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil), which sell well in world health and cosmetics. Then you can use coconut water to make Natta de Cocco or you sell the maker Natta de Cocco.

3. Businesses that utilize natural resources for example if you live in coastal areas, then you can look for sea creatures that live in the sand like a beach retreat-retreat. Of course what is meant here is the sea-retreat retreat living in coastal areas, shaped like a thumb and a black complexion. Animal that has the scientific name Myrmeleon sp. when cooked it will change color to orange like a shrimp. Perhaps the animal is not very popular and few people are looking for. But apparently retreat-retreat in demand in the coastal tourist destination. At the time of year, you can earn tens of kilo-retreat retreat each day. If you have more money then retreat-retreat can be dried and processed into a powder, after which the capsule. Retreat-retreat is beneficial for diabetics to treat the disease.

4. Distributes your hobbies to choose a small industry, for example, you love to bake cakes then try to make a decent sale. Look for all kinds of bread recipes or choose one type of bread is a favorite of your market such as brownies, bread light of the moon, and so forth. Make a quirk in your product so different from the others so it is easy to remember the customer.

5. Or you make a hobby of sewing the shirt designs that are in demand. For example, a shirt with a motif that now see people.

6. Examples of other entrepreneurs are selling herbal medicinal product which is currently a trend of people’s lifestyles. Usually herbs or herbal plants will give a substantial discount if you buy them with considerable amounts. There are set minimum purchase of 5 million dollars will get a discount of 50%. You can sell in your store, pharmacies, shops, or you went directly to the customer. You also must be smart who could become customers because not everyone liked it.

That’s some small entrepreneurial capital that hopefully can inspire you to start a small industry.


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